Meditation Is Easy

Sometimes our mind is a friend, sometimes an enemy. We’ve probably all experienced the suffering that can be brought on by a turbulent mind – thoughts racing, contradictory voices arguing in our head. The mind can cause us so much misery.

Many practitioners of meditation claim that the mind can be calmed, that it is possible to experience peace of mind in the midst of the demands of modern life. Mmmm, really?

One proponent is Lilavati Ishaya who helps people learn to meditate in Edinburgh. Originally from Mexico she now lives in West Lothian,  United Kingdom and is a teacher of the Bright Path Ishayas Ascension meditation.

One of the most common misconceptions about meditation is that it we need to stop the mind, that we need to get rid of our thoughts.” she says. “In fact the opposite is the case – we don’t need to change our thoughts. We just need to change our relationship with them.”

lilavati ishayaShe goes on to share that thoughts per se are not the problem, but thinking. This may seem like a strange distinction, but she assures that it makes all of the difference.

Thoughts come and go all day long through our mind. Over 100,000 per day for the average adult. But when we grab a hold of a thought, or resist one then this natural movement is disrupted. If the thought is sad we feel sad, if it’s happy we feel happy. We are hostages to fortune, dependent on the content of our mind for our emotional wellbeing.”

What if we could just watch the thoughts flowing past, like standing on the sidewalk watching the traffic go by? Then we would be safer, and in practice have more inner peace and emotional stability.”

So it seems that peace is not difficult. So why doesn’t everyone meditate?

The perception is that it is hard, that it’s something you need to spend years doing to get any results.

People just feel they are too busy and what if it doesn’t work?

The truth is that it can work easily and quickly. I regularly teach, along with other teachers in our group, weekend meditation classes in the UK. I am always amazed at how quickly people discover peace and joy within themselves – often within a few hours of beginning.

We’ve overcomplicated things in our life, but when we recieve instruction to keep things simple, and you have an effective technique then amazing things are possible. Quickly and easily.”

So, food for thought. Maybe meditation may be worth investigating after all?

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