How To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

Back injuries and the accompanying chronic pain are very common in todays work and home environment. Many of us spend lots of time sitting at a desk and, increasingly, as a population we are les and less active. Even those who aren’t chained to a desk can hurt their back through lifting an object or twisting awkwardly.

Many parents, particularly mothers, siffer lower back pain as they carry their child, often on one hip more than the other. Add to that lifting and movinhg children and it’s no surprise that our backs become painful.

So what to do?

Firstly, pay attention and don’t ignore the back pain. Many people try and “get through it” and put a brave face on, but this can be dangerous.

If you have a sore back you need to do something. See how it feels if you lie down. Or perhaps you should move it – tyry some streches or gently yoga moves.

Paying a visit to a specialist like a recommended chiropractor in Rayleigh can help as they have the expertise to treat your condition.

sore backDaily routine can include a lot of repetitive motions or positions, like sitting in the same chair at the same angle.

Get some variety and move things around. Even something as simple as putting your shoulder-bag on the other shoulder can make a difference (although it can feel strange in the beginning).

Be careful if you play a one-sided sport like tennis or golf. This can put strain on one half of yoor body, so make sure when you work out that you help develop the other side to keep things in balance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Finding a good posture whilst sitting is important. Take a piece of paper and write down how much time you spend sitting at work, in your car, at home and you will see how important it is to pay attention to this.

Make sure your spine hasĀ  good range of movement every day. It should be twisted from side to side, and backwards and forwards to help ensure it stays supple. The old phrase, “Use it or lose it!” has a lot of truth in it.

Pay attention to your sleeping position. Many chiropractors believe that sleeping on your stomash can encourage lower back pain. Lying on your back or on one side is generaally considered to be better for you.

To help your spine when you sleep is is advisable to place a pillow or small cushion between your knees. This helps take the strain off the muscles of your lower back whilst you sleep.
Don’t be afraid to investigate natural pain killing methods. Many people have found treatments like accupuncture, reiki and yoga have helped them reduce or live with chronic back pain.