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How To Get Rid Of Your Back Pain

Back injuries and the accompanying chronic pain are very common in todays work and home environment. Many of us spend lots of time sitting at a desk and, increasingly, as a population we are les and less active. Even those who aren’t chained to a desk can hurt their back through lifting an object or twisting awkwardly.

Many parents, particularly mothers, siffer lower back pain as they carry their child, often on one hip more than the other. Add to that lifting and movinhg children and it’s no surprise that our backs become painful.

So what to do?

Firstly, pay attention and don’t ignore the back pain. Many people try and “get through it” and put a brave face on, but this can be dangerous.

If you have a sore back you need to do something. See how it feels if you lie down. Or perhaps you should move it – tyry some streches or gently yoga moves.

Paying a visit to a specialist like a recommended chiropractor in Rayleigh can help as they have the expertise to treat your condition.

sore backDaily routine can include a lot of repetitive motions or positions, like sitting in the same chair at the same angle.

Get some variety and move things around. Even something as simple as putting your shoulder-bag on the other shoulder can make a difference (although it can feel strange in the beginning).

Be careful if you play a one-sided sport like tennis or golf. This can put strain on one half of yoor body, so make sure when you work out that you help develop the other side to keep things in balance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Finding a good posture whilst sitting is important. Take a piece of paper and write down how much time you spend sitting at work, in your car, at home and you will see how important it is to pay attention to this.

Make sure your spine has  good range of movement every day. It should be twisted from side to side, and backwards and forwards to help ensure it stays supple. The old phrase, “Use it or lose it!” has a lot of truth in it.

Pay attention to your sleeping position. Many chiropractors believe that sleeping on your stomash can encourage lower back pain. Lying on your back or on one side is generaally considered to be better for you.

To help your spine when you sleep is is advisable to place a pillow or small cushion between your knees. This helps take the strain off the muscles of your lower back whilst you sleep.
Don’t be afraid to investigate natural pain killing methods. Many people have found treatments like accupuncture, reiki and yoga have helped them reduce or live with chronic back pain.

Meditation Is Easy

Sometimes our mind is a friend, sometimes an enemy. We’ve probably all experienced the suffering that can be brought on by a turbulent mind – thoughts racing, contradictory voices arguing in our head. The mind can cause us so much misery.

Many practitioners of meditation claim that the mind can be calmed, that it is possible to experience peace of mind in the midst of the demands of modern life. Mmmm, really?

One proponent is Lilavati Ishaya who helps people learn to meditate in Edinburgh. Originally from Mexico she now lives in West Lothian,  United Kingdom and is a teacher of the Bright Path Ishayas Ascension meditation.

One of the most common misconceptions about meditation is that it we need to stop the mind, that we need to get rid of our thoughts.” she says. “In fact the opposite is the case – we don’t need to change our thoughts. We just need to change our relationship with them.”

lilavati ishayaShe goes on to share that thoughts per se are not the problem, but thinking. This may seem like a strange distinction, but she assures that it makes all of the difference.

Thoughts come and go all day long through our mind. Over 100,000 per day for the average adult. But when we grab a hold of a thought, or resist one then this natural movement is disrupted. If the thought is sad we feel sad, if it’s happy we feel happy. We are hostages to fortune, dependent on the content of our mind for our emotional wellbeing.”

What if we could just watch the thoughts flowing past, like standing on the sidewalk watching the traffic go by? Then we would be safer, and in practice have more inner peace and emotional stability.”

So it seems that peace is not difficult. So why doesn’t everyone meditate?

The perception is that it is hard, that it’s something you need to spend years doing to get any results.

People just feel they are too busy and what if it doesn’t work?

The truth is that it can work easily and quickly. I regularly teach, along with other teachers in our group, weekend meditation classes in the UK. I am always amazed at how quickly people discover peace and joy within themselves – often within a few hours of beginning.

We’ve overcomplicated things in our life, but when we recieve instruction to keep things simple, and you have an effective technique then amazing things are possible. Quickly and easily.”

So, food for thought. Maybe meditation may be worth investigating after all?

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7 Tips For Good Health

1. Maintain a well balanced diet for a healthy living. A well balanced diet is eating different kinds of nutritious foods in proportion. It will boost your energy and will improve your welfare. Excessive as well as deficiency of specific vitamins and minerals can also cause undesirable effects to your health.

7 tips for good health2. Be conscious on how much salt you take in during snacks and meals. The table salt is sodium chloride which is widely used as flavor enhancer. High sodium intake is a risk factor for diseases like high blood, heartburn, osteoporosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Limit sodium intake by just reducing your consumption of salty foods without taking the option of salt substitutes.

3. Stay away from buffet or eat-all-you-can meals because it will possibly tempt you to eat too much to get a fair value of what you have paid. Otherwise, you can go for nutritious foods such as fresh fruits, vegetable salads and low fat foods. Stand firm and resist your craving to refill your plate for the second time.

4. Limit intake of processed foods as in canned goods, refrigerated and dried foods. The food processing alters the natural components of the foods which make it less beneficial to the body. The use of chemicals to preserve, control and enhance the flavor can be more damaging to the systems of the body than enhancing health.

5. Consider eating whole foods. Whole foods are nutritious foods having its natural compounds intact. It is neither processed nor refined. It does not contain added chemicals such as flavorings, preservatives and other ingredients. Start eating whole foods by adding slices of fresh fruits and vegetables to each and every meal.

6. The best and healthy way of preparing poultry for a meal is to remove the visible skin and fats prior to cooking. Roast, bake or broil poultry instead of deep frying to prevent oil absorption. Among the parts, the chicken breasts contain high protein and low fat which make it the better choice cuts.

7. Water is vital to sustain a healthy life. It is recommended to drink at least 8 ounces of 8 glasses of water every day. It aids the cells, tissues and organs to function normally. Body water deficit or dehydration can cause serious damage to kidneys and other organs which may result to mental con